The protein and its interaction are represented as a graph structure. The above is mentioned as a reason for using GNN in ordinary researches. …

This post handles extracting the slice, subset that shows a minimum average, from the numeric list.

Task Description

In this post, we will find the priority letter and coefficient of them in several DNA subsequences.

Task Description

This post deals with the problem of counting the number of elements whose remainder is 0 when divided by a specific value in a given array.

Task Description

def solution(A, B, K)

that, given three integers A, B and K, returns the number of integers within the range [A..B]…

The topic of this post is checking the permutation. The problem that we want to solve follows.

Task Description

A permutation is a sequence containing each element from 1 to N once, and only once.

For example, array A such that:


Sometimes, we want to compare two images, taken at two different moments. Even if those were shot at different angles or different scales.

In this post, the simple method, for matching two images to very similar conditions, will be handled. The above method called ‘Rigid Registration’.


Finding the missing value in a given array is handled in this post. The problem definition can be confirmed via the following URL.

Task Description

Write a function:

def solution(A)

that, given an array A of N integers, returns the smallest positive integer (greater than 0) that…

The problem named ‘MaxCounters’ is handled via this post. The URL for confirming the original task is the following.

Task Description

  • increase(X) − counter X is increased by 1,
  • max counter − all counters are…

This post handles the first solution of lesson 4 using python. The topic of lesson 4 is the ‘Counting Elements’.For accessing the problem, click the following link.

Task Description

In this post, the third solution for lesson 3 with reducing time complexity is handled. For accessing the problem, click the following link.

Task Description

Any integer P, such that 0 < P < N…

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